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Dear Mr / Mrs

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In Jakarta


In connection with the information I received, I am Rizki Gustafiyona (27 years old), applied for a job application at the company that Mr / Ms led in accordance with the work required at this time (HRD) based on education background and work experience i have. By this application letter, I would like take the possibility of join in your company.

I have completed my education at Univ. DarmaPersada Jakarta Timur majoring (JapanesLiteratur). With the knowledge and work experience that I have, I try to do as well as providing the best for the company in handling office tasks and can work with the team.


I would be very grateful to have in interview at your earliest convenient time with you, so I can explain in more detail about my own potential.

Thank you for your attention and I am looking forward to your favorably reply.


Sincerely Yours



Rizki Gustafiyona


Description: D:\okkkkk.jpg



Place/Date Of Birth              : Bandung/August 28,1989

Religion                                : Moslem

Sex                                        : Female

Marital Status                      : Single

Nationality                            : Indonesian

No Id KTP                             : 3275126808890003

No NPWP                              : 63.367.777.7-432.000

No BPJS                                : 0001205270594


Contact Information

Address                                 :KompleksKodam Jaya Jlnmawar No. 18 Rt/Rw : 004/007 Jatiwarna

PondokGedeBekasi, 17415

Phone                                                : +62 813 111 76751

Email                                     : cokoreto_daisuki@yahoo.com

                                               : lbs.recruitmentmanager@gmail.com 


Bachelor Degree Japanesse Literature (2015)

*Darma Persada University Jakarta,Indonesia

Diploma 3 Japanesse Literature (2011)

*DarmaPersada University Jakarta,Indonesia


Nonformal Education (2007)

*English Lesson in LIA


Freelance Working Experience

Work Training in TMII(2010)

*Tour Guide,Translator,Junior interpreter

Work Training in TVRI(2011)



Professional Experience

Working in Garuda Indonesia (July 2011-April 2012)

PT (Persero) Garuda Indonesia is the flag carrier and national airline of Indonesia.


  • Accept Reservations from Guests(Pax)
  • Handle issued ticket
  • Describes the Product knowledge
  • Handle change and refund ticket


Working in PT. KatexindoCitramandiri (April 2012-July 2015)

PT KatexindoCitramandiri (PMA garment factory) located at KBN Cakung, is a member of TAL Group - world leader in producing innovative clothes that combine style, comfort and function. Our group specialize in the manufacture of quality men’s and women’s garments for the world’s leading brands. Currently we produce 1 out of 6 dress shirts sold in the USA.

-See more at :


*HRD Recruitment & Development Assistant Executive

  • Handle Schedule Test Candidate Staff
  • Handle Test and Scoring Test Candidate Staff (APM,PAPI KOSTIC,DISC,IST)
  • Handle Schedule and Test SHL for Candidate Staff Grade 7 - 11 (Request SHL Test ID at HK)
  • Receiving CV and start Administrative Selection based on qualification for Candidate Operators
  • Handle Test for Candidate Operators (Eye sight, Colour Blindness, Dexterity, Needle Threading, Numerical, Inductive, Verbal)
  • Interview  Operators
  • Personality Quesionaire
  • Employment Signing

Reporting : HRD Recruitment & Development Supervisor

*HRD Recruitment & Development Sr. Associate

  • Handling Data Matrix for HC Requestion Operator
  • Follow-up IDD Operator
  • Handling Briefing Operator for Rule & PKB, Standart Work Safety, KodeEtik
  • Scanning Data From Yayasan

Reporting : HRD Director & GM


Working in PT. GF Culinary (August 2015-July 2016)

From a humble beginning and philosophy that a good food enriches a human’s life, HenkyRusli as the founder of GF Culinary (Gding Food Culinary) passionate to bring not only a good food but also a great place to drink, dine and unwind. HenkyRusli took the name of GF Culinary with aim to build food and beverages company that had that (red: “ Gading “) characteristic-hard, tough and everlasting.

“making life more delicious for more and more people along the way”

Today – many years later, GF Culinary is the name and the idea behind all the company system. Starting from one brand with 1 store, now GF Culinary has successfully bring more than 8 brand with more than 20  outltes all around Indonesia. GF Culinary’s main objectives are to laed to industry. In creating value for our customers nd sales channels, to refocus on the value we offer our consumers and to increase operational excellence and to GF Culinary has global workforce of approx. 1,000 people that focuses on consumer needs and service excellence. We also have created a culture that is both guest-centered and performance-based. We have a commitment to deliver a premium convenient and distinct dining experience to our consumers, while operating our business I a disciplined, strategic, focused, and results-oriented way. We have built a team of experienced leaders and strong operating business model, and act with passion to create excellence for our teams and our investors. The story continues to unfold as we plan and open many new restourants across the country.

-see more at :


*HRD Recruitment Executive

  • Handling  Searching CV canditade for staff HQ or Operational Restaurant (JobsDB Website and Job Fair)
  • Handling Schedule interview candidate Staff  for HQ and Oprasional for Restaurant
  • Handling Interview and Test
  • Handling Walking Interview & Job Fair
  • Follow up & Handling Man Power Planning for staff and oprasional restaurant
  • Making Letter Of Offering and Letter Of Agreement for Staff and Oprasional Restaurant
  • Maintanance Data HRIS New Staff for HQ & Operational Restaurant
  • Handling Exit Interview
  • Handling Data Base Staff HQ & Operatoonal Restaurant
  • Handling StockOpname Uniform For Operator Restaurant
  • Handling Schedule Training For RM, SPV, Kitchent Leader for restaurant
  • Handling Ticketing booking & Appartement For RM, SPV, Kitchent Leader outcity training in Jakarta.

Reporting : GM & Owner


Working in PT Giordano Indonesia (August 2016-Now)

PT Giordano Indonesia. Kami merupakan perusahaan yang berdiri sejak 2013 bergerak dalam industri Baju Atasan Wanita. Kami berada di rukan plaza pasifik B3 /54-56 Jl. kelapa gading boulevard , jakarta utara 14250. Temukan berbagai produk terbaik kami (jual baju, baju, kaos) dengan kualitas dan harga jual terbaik yang bisa Anda dapatkan.

- See more at: http://giordanoindonesia.web.indotrading.com/#sthash.zFhmILOY.dpuf

*HRD Recruitment Officer

  • Handling All Process Recruitment Employee for Brand : Giordano(Jakarta Area, Bekasi Area, Kelapa Gading Area, Bandung Area, Makasar area, Manado Area), Quicksilver& DC(Jakarta Area, Bekasi Area, Bandung Area,Makasar Area,Manado Area, Medan Area), Timberland, Hurley, The North Face(Jakarta Area, Medan Area, Surabaya Area,Bandung Area, Makasar Area)
  • Follow Up & Handling Man Power Planning
  • Handling Making Employee Contract (PKWTT/PKWT)
  • Handling Walk In Interview
  • Maintenance Data Base New Employee
  • Handling Schedule Training New Employee
  • Handling StockOpname Uniform Employee
  • Handling Exit Interview

Reporting : HRD Manager

Personal Skills

Other Language        : English and Japanesse

Computer Skills         : MS Office, OutLook and Adobe Photoshop

Other Skills                : Scoring DISC, PAPI, Krapline, APM, IST, Interview skill, Comunication Skill, Analitical Skill

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